About this app

CaesarVigenereCipherTemplate app is an enhancement to the APCSP Mobile 6.5 Caesar cipher app that includes a Vigenère cipher. Enter text in the Plaintext or Ciphertext fields and use the buttons to encrypt or decrypt. The Caesar ListPicker selects the shift. The Vigenère TextBox sets the key.


CaesarVigenereCipherTemplate blocks

This is a template app, with stubs for caesar and vigenere — the actual encrypt / decrypt procedures — as well as shift.

As is usual with APCSP Mobile template apps, there is an existing UX and some pre-written procedures provided. The clean procedure is an example of the accumulator pattern. It returns text with all characters not in alphabet removed.

clean procedure blocks


All components retain their default properties — except initial Text for the ListPicker is 0 on reset and Width and Height are set to Fill parent... where necessary to center UX components. None of the TextBox components are changed on reset.


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